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K.T. Holder is a misplaced Taswegian who currently lives in Texas with her wife and three small fluffy dogs. When she’s not writing (or pretending to) she enjoys reading, watching documentaries (mainly true crime), watching “documentaries” (ie reality tv), and fulfilling the needs of her fluffy overlords.


A fifteen year army veteran, K.T. decided that she’d much prefer to make things up for a living, and so rekindled her love of writing. 


Though pairing a foray into writing with quitting her job and moving internationally may not have been smartest thing she has ever done, she loves writing (but not as much as her amazing, supportive and understanding wife) and is excited about this next chapter in her life (see what she did there?)


For more information about K.T. Holder, her dogs, and her upcoming releases, please subscribe to her newsletter and head over to her Facebook page.

Three small dogs running on a beach
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