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Updated: Aug 12, 2023

Trying to think of how to start this first blog post, all that came to mind was the clip on YouTube where Brenda Dickson is at her vanity, turns to the camera and says, “Well hello, and welcome to my home.”

I mean, I’m sitting at my desk in trackies (sweat pants for my American friends) with my hair pulled back in a pony tail because when it's out it annoys me, but otherwise, we’re practically identical. So here goes:
Well hello, and welcome to my blog.
Whew, I’m exhausted. But now that the ice is smashed, I can get on with things and let you know what you might find if you click back here from time to time (or subscribe to be told when new stuff is available!).
Some of the content is going to be about the nitty gritty of authoring. What I’ve found out about writing; what’s worked for me and what’s changed along the way. But also the business side. As a non-business person, this is the part I’ve found difficult, but that’s only because the learning curve has been so steep. And to be fair, I did pair it with leaving my career of over fifteen years and moving internationally, so that might have had something to do with my spiking stress levels. So tip number one, try not to pack all the big life events into one hit!
I’m hoping it’ll be an interesting read, but also that it gives you some ideas that might help you along your own path. Or just give you a laugh or two at my expense :D.
If you’re not an author, or just not into reading blogs about the dark arts of authoring, don’t click away yet! Some of my ramblings will be about life in general, such as why my dogs run my life and a chronicle of the Mouse Wars.

I don’t remember how Brenda Dickson ended her video, but what I have noticed since moving to America is that concluding a chat can be much more abrupt. You don’t tend to get the long drawn out ‘bye, bye, bye, bye, bye’ that can occur elsewhere.

So, anyhoo, thanks for reading!
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