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City of Stone

In the City of Stone, where magic is might and shadows hold secrets, Kasperi Ironstone is about to become the key to an Empire's salvation—or its downfall. 

Caught stealing to provide a better life for his little brother and sent to the dreaded labour camps, Kas emerges eight years later to a world on the brink of war, and a long-lost brother who now leads a rebellion. 

As an unstoppable army threatens to invade, Kas and his band of unlikely allies must navigate a web of political intrigue and sabotage to expose a traitor and unite the fractured realm before it’s too late.

But when a shocking betrayal hits close to home, Kas is forced to choose between the brother he loves and the fate of the realm. Will Kas embrace his duty or let the Empire fall? 

Lorendell Detailed Map.png
Shifter Map.png
Troll Map.png
Druid Map.png

Maps made mainly with “The Map Effects City Map Builder” from Map Effects and elements of the "Fantasy Mapmaking Bundle" by Lizard Ink Design

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