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Valoris is the largest known continent in the world of Endarnia. The land mass stretches for both the north and south poles, and is comparatively thin across its width, though to cross it would take travellers a week at least.

The border between north and south is well known to the peoples of Valoris, and those living on either side rarely meet except at war. It is unknown what created such a hard border, for no mountain range, river nor other natural barrier divides the two halves.

There are two main types of people in Valoris: those who have magic, and those who do not. In most cultures, nonmagicals (as those without any power are known) are treated no differently to their magical counterparts. However there are some cultures who look down on those without magic, and some cultures who shun non-magicals altogether.

Of those with magic, there are three different types of power. Spell Casters can create potions and poultices, and the more powerful can even weave spells with their hands, or cast magics with simple words alone. 

Object Wielders can use magically imbued objects. Such objects appear as dull instruments in the hands of those without this gift, however an Object Wielder can access the enchantments. Known magical objects range from enhanced weaponry (stronger, sharper swords, or uncannily accurate arrows) to buckets of water that never run dry, and include the fabled relics, most of which are lost to time. 

Magicals are often seen as the most powerful of those with magic, as their magic does not rely on spells or objects, but comes from within. Interestingly the tribes of Valoris are separated along magical lines—for example, a magical born of the Shifter Tribe of Ravenswood Forest will be able to shift into an animal form whereas a magical who is Empire-born will utilise elemental magic. Though there are few inter-tribal relationships, most magicals born outside their tribe will find their way back to those who possess their specific type of magic.

Maps made mainly with “The Map Effects City Map Builder” from Map Effects and elements of the "Fantasy Mapmaking Bundle" by Lizard Ink Design

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