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The Controllers

The Controllers of the north are perhaps the only tribe to have emerged from a larger tribe. In times before the recorded histories of Southern Valoris, the dominant tribe of the continent was the Inntinnium (know to the southerns as the “Mind Magics” tribe).


This vast and highly developed civilisation considered themselves superior to all of the other peoples of Valoris, many of whom were living in huts whereas the Inntinnium had constructed a sprawling city, including several stone pyramids in honour of their gods.

Adding to their arrogance was the style of magic they possessed. Magicals of the Inntinnium had either telekinesis or mind control. There are reports of mind readers, however this was deemed an evil magic and those born with it were seen as cursed and put to death.

In the early days, the Inntinnium believed in a number of gods. There were the ruling gods—the god of this life and the god of the afterlife. Subordinate to these were the lesser gods of the elements, of birth, of war and of love. In the early 1200s a preacher came to prominence in the capital, asserting that there was One True God. The preacher exploited the distrust that was growing between those with telekinesis and those with mind control, and unrest engulfed the tribe. 

Ultimately civil war broke out along magical lines and after a short but bloody conflict, the mind controllers emerged successful. The preacher, now self-styled as ’the Prophet’, established the Divvinium (known in the south as the ‘Controllers’). The Divvinium left what remained of the Inntinnium alone, for the most part, setting its sights on the other tribes of Valoris. However, with the recent change in objectives implemented by the current Prophet, there are reports that the Inntinnium has been completely destroyed.

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