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The Druids
Druid Map.png

The Druids are perhaps the most enigmatic and least well-known of all the tribes of Southern Valoris. The Druids are the smallest tribe, and also the only one known to have always existed as one singular tribe collocated in one settlement (though see “The Sundering” below). They live nestled in the foothills of the Frostblood Mountains and are the closest tribe to the border. Despite this, they are the only known tribe of Southern Valoris not to have been attacked by the Mind Controllers of the north.

The Druids do not believe in a god as the other tribes do. They believe in the energy of the universe that is the basis of the creation of all things, including the world. For the Druids, the interaction of the energies of things is sacred and indicative of the interconnected nature of all things. The Druids do believe in a race of powerful magical beings that they believe walked the land before the current peoples of Valoris. The Ancients, as they refer to them, created a range of powerfully magical sites, objects and relics. In the Druid’s mythology, most of the Ancients achieved a form of enlightenment and ascended. The Ancients who were left behind were flawed and the current people of Valoris are their descendants. 

A cornerstone of the Druids’ beliefs is that through dedication, connectivity and learning, they might achieve the ascension as their enlightened forebears did. However, the world must also be in the right state for this to happen, and therefore they are constantly monitoring for what they call the ’Unification’. Without signs of the Unification, the Druids believe it is their responsibility as the Keepers to protect and defend various sacred sites and relics that are important gifts of the Ancients.

There are no known conflicts involving the Druids, though as the Druids are the only ones with the power to enchant objects, often other tribes seek their assistance with weapons and wards to assist with their own wars. 

Even the Empire’s annexations seem to have left the Druids largely alone. The Empire soldiers posted to the Druids rarely stay within the village, though they seem unable to describe why they prefer to camp on the outskirts. In more recent times, the Empire has taken to collaring the more powerful Druids, in line with their new policy due to unrest with the Shifters and to a lesser extent, the Trolls. The Druids appear to have taken this with a Troll-like ambivalence, however there is an underlying current of displeasure.

The closest the Druids have come to conflict was The Sundering. At the commencement of the Second Annexation, there was a disagreement within the Druids about the level of proactive assistance that was required in light of world events. The Head Druid believed that there was no need to change their current posture, and as the Keepers, it was important to remain in their village in proximity to their most sacred site.

A small number of Druids believed that events signalled a shift. That the signs were present and it was time to take a proactive stance and that in doing so, not only would the sacred sites be protected, but the Unification would be ushered forth.

Despite the direction of the Head Druid, those with opposing views left the settlement and joined the Empire, providing direct assistance to the Emperor. Though it is unclear whether one side was right or not, it does not appear the Unification has commenced, and the main achievement of those now known as the City Druids has been to develop the collars that are now used even against their kin, known as the Druids of the Veil.

Maps made mainly with “The Map Effects City Map Builder” from Map Effects and elements of the "Fantasy Mapmaking Bundle" by Lizard Ink Design

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