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The Communicators

The Communicators (or "Nadair") are one of two known northern tribes, though the southern tribes know little about them. The magic that manifests for the Communicators is the ability to communicate with animals and as such, harmony with animals, and indeed nature, is paramount.

In fact, the Communicators live simply and among the animals and as such other tribes look down on them, assuming their failure to advance speaks to their lack of intelligence, and some even view them as barbaric. The Communicators are, in fact, a peaceful people. They live according to the laws of nature, and it is from this that many of the misunderstandings arise. For example, the Empire promotes a culture of advancement and achievement. Everyone should strive for ‘more’ or ‘better’. For the Communicators, there is no ‘better’ there is just ‘different’.

Similarly, the Communicator’s religious beliefs are difficult for other tribes to comprehend. They believe in good and evil, but in the purest sense of the concept. There are no gods desiring people to be good or punishing them for being bad. There is no reward other than any intrinsic feeling that might result from doing the ‘right’ thing. And the Communicators believe that life simply is. You are born, you live, and then you die and return to the earth.

There is very little recognisable social structure from the other tribes’ perspectives. Many of the Communicators seem to live in small groups (or packs) and there does not appear to be a singular tribal leader. Despite this, there does appear to be an agreed set of behavioural conventions. 

Killing animals for food is acceptable, whereas killing animals for sport is forbidden. Justice for the Communicators is very much ‘an eye for an eye’ and usually the punishments fit the crimes. That said, the tribe will only intervene were there is a distinct sense of unfairness. Otherwise it is usually left for the individuals to sort out their own issues.

Emotions are considered normal within the Communicator tribe. If someone is upset, they do not hold their tears until they are alone. Similarly, if someone upsets someone else, the aggrieved person may punch the other, but they should be prepared to be hit in return.

The Communicators are a private tribe. They have nothing against the other tribes, but simply prefer the company of their animal family. The tribe the Communicators are the closest to is the Shifter tribe of the south, and Shifters who can take bird, water, or long-range land forms will occasionally visit the Communicator lands. 

As a relatively small tribe, the Communicators might seem an easy target for their neighbours, the vast and warring Controller tribe. However, while the Controllers attack the Communicators with the same regularity as they do the other tribes of Valoris, the Communicators are fierce warriors and have thus far repelled their attacks. Though few in number, the Communicators can call on their animal brethren to fight at their side, and without a standing army, they are adept at insurgent-style warfare and do not need the space that many armies with formation units require.

The latest attack from the Controllers has been unusually brutal and it is the first time the Communicators fear for their survival. They sent an emissary to the Shifters, calling for aid, however the Shifters, collared under the Second Annexation, were unable to help. As such, the Communicators are close to annihilation. 

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