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War is here.

Too late to stop the prime minister from plunging her country into war, Lily finds herself separated from her friends and confronted with the reality of what her advisors have suffered in her absence. Alone and defeated, Lily must become the queen she was never born to be. This is no longer about claiming her throne—now, it’s about survival.

But wars cannot be won in isolation, and Lily must rally not only her friends, but any allies she can find if Highacre is to have a chance at peace. Together, they must bring down the malevolent forces tearing their country apart from within before turning to face the wolves at their door.

Will it be enough? Can Lily become the queen she needs to be to lead Highacre to victory? Or will her enemies succeed in burning her country to the ground?

Reign is the stunning conclusion to the Royal series by K.T. Holder.

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